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Fire Systems

ADT Fire Alarm

Our commercial fire alarm systems and solutions are designed to help protect your people and your property.
ADT offers industry leading fire alarm services and systems designed to be easily integrated with your other safety and security solutions. We can help provide fire detection, signaling and control systems that indicate and warn of alarm or abnormal conditions, as well as help summon fire and rescue services if needed. Our knowledgeable team will help ensure your facility is kept up to date with all the relevant codes and regulations.


  • Protect your assets and people with monitored fire alarm systems.
  • Addressable fire alarm systems pinpoint the exact point of the fire alarm for larger facilities.
  • Blast mitigation solutions help limit asset damage and injury due to flying glass and debris.
  • Receive notice of critical condition changes, such as temperature or the presence of water.


  • Conventional fire alarm solutions
  • Addressable fire alarm solutions
  • Blast mitigation solutions.
  • Critical condition monitoring solutions.
  • Carbon monoxide (C02) detection.


Access Control

It's never been more important to control access to organizations' facilities. It's equally important that access management go beyond merely locking and unlocking doors. You need a solution that gives you the control and information to truly manage access. We use the latest technology, including the most innovative biometrics solutions, to help ensure that only the right people gain access to your facility. And because an ADT access control system can be easily integrated with other systems, you'll find that it not only creates an effective security solution, it creates a smart management tool as well.


ADT Access Control
  • Track and monitor building and facility access and movement throughout your organization.
  • Deter attempted entrance into government restricted areas.
  • Employee time auditing and attendance features.
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas.
  • Provide a safer working environment.
  • Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves or loses access card.
  • Remotely administer and control access to one building or a thousand facilities easily through one system interface.


ADT Access Control Products & Services

ADT Access Control Picture 2
  • Badge Management Systems
  • ID Cards and Card Readers
  • Human Flow Control Systems
  • Access Panels
  • Subsystem Interfaces
  • Access Control Systems
  • Tailgate/Piggyback Detection and Prevention


ADT Eye Scan Access Control
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