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2010 CES Innovations Award

Dennon Home Theater

Dennon Home Theater

Combining the latest high definition audio technologies from Denon’s renowned line of versatile A/V receivers along with our exclusive center-mounted Blu-ray disc player drive mechanism, the S-5BD provides superlative performance and unparalleled ease of use. The audio section is packed with the latest high definition surround sound decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Setup is a breeze thanks to automatic configuration via Audyssey MultEQ room acoustic measurement and correction system, which detects the quantity and type of speakers, and provides precise tailoring of critical audio parameters for pristine sound quality (measurement microphone included). Audyssey Dynamic EQ provides rich tonal balance at all volume levels, and Audyssey Dynamic Volume smoothes out jarring volume peaks, such as TV commercial interruptions. The elegant front panel features dual side wing doors, which open to reveal convenient connections, including one HDMI input, an SD memory card slot, and a USB port for direct iPod connection. When closed, the wings conceal wires for a clean, elegant look. The Blu-ray player incorporates the latest features, including BD-Live support via the Ethernet port, and the S-5BD features support for Denon’s versatile iPod docks, including the ASD-51N and ASD-51W.


Russound by Digicam – Whole House Audio

Your home is an extension of you. You want it to reflect your tastes. You want your home to envelop you—in its design, beauty and ambience. You want your home to surround you in music. (copy and paste)

C-Series System - Multiroom Audio System

Russound C-Series System

Russound C-Series System

Powerful, scalable and intuitive control

The C-Series multiroom system offers advanced features that make enjoying your musical experience even easier. Party Mode allows you to control the music and volume in every zone from one zone using a shared source. Source Linking connects multiple zones to the same source while allowing independent volume and on/off control, for when you want your music to follow you throughout your home. Zone Linking provides control of multiple zones by one or more keypads, perfect for open concept homes.


The C-Series system is designed for integration, with Home Theater triggers, routed and common IR outputs, 12VDC trigger outputs, an optional system wide paging capability for intercom and telephone systems, and an RS-232 port for connection to home integration systems. When combined with Russound's VM1 Video Matrix, the C-Series system allows you to share High Definition video sources within any multiroom system zone.

Russound Full Home Audio

Full Home Audio Diagram


Featuring a system wide clock and alarm and sleep timer functions in individual zones, the C-Series system can provide the time, wake you to music, and help you delay your day, all with your favorite music.


The C-Series system provides increased coverage by delivering eight sources to eight zones (MCA-C5). The six-source, six-zone MCA-C3 provides perfect coverage for smaller homes. And both controllers are scalable up to 6 controllers.

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